Friday, November 18, 2016


I started this blog six days ago with the intention if chronicling the presidency of Donald Trump to the end of his term.  It's become increasingly clear to me, however, that closely monitoring the Trump presidency for the next four years is not something I can do and still maintain a modicum of peace and sanity in my personal life.  Accordingly, this will be my final post on this blog.  After this post, the blog will simply be retired.

My other blog, TRANSIT NOTES, will remain active, and I look forward to working more creatively with future postings on that site.  I will also be doing my part in other ways to resist the policies and actions that have been promised by Trump and his extreme right-wing supporters.  As most people will appreciate, however, it's neither joyful nor healthy to spend every waking hour worrying about the Donald Trump phenomenon.  Yes, we must resist, but we must also remained grounded in the things that give meaning and joy to our lives.  That's the balance to which I must return.

Peace to all.


  1. I'm searching for that balance. I've gotten too wrapped up in this, ever since he first threw his hat in the ring. We can only do so much, and I value my sanity.

    I believe in Karma!

    1. Glad you understand, Laura. After becoming obsessed with my disappointment in Trump becoming president, it occurred to me that my greatest frustration was that I was allowing this demagogue to change me. He was pulling me into the quagmire of anger and divisiveness that he feeds upon every day. That's where I have to draw the line. He may change the country for the worse, but the first line of defense for me is to make sure he doesn't change me for the worse. Like you, I believe in Karma, and, in time, Trump will surely reap what he sows. As for me, I'll continue with my photography, my love of poetry, and my interest in communicating with a few others via TRANSIT NOTES. See you there.